Jerry Gardner Training Stables

Jerry Gardner Training Stables

Full Service Training  •  Riding  •  Ground Work Lessons
For the Western Horse and Horseperson.

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Moving from place to place as an Air Force brat, Jerry Gardner had to wait until adulthood before he got the opportunity to pursue his interest in horses. This fact alone is why Jerry understands when "grown folks" come to him with the question: "Am I too old to learn to ride?"

Jerry's training philosophy is based on Natural Horsemanship techniques and he believes in putting in a lot of ground work time. This time develops a mutual respect and a strong bond between horse and human. In many ways it is easier for people to learn to "Speak Horse" and it is not difficult for a horse to comprehend words like whoa, trot, canter, or walk. Even these simple requests become more effective when accompanied by the language of the horse - BODY LANGUAGE.

Jerry realizes that the biggest problem most new riders face is developing CONFIDENCE. He knows confidence cannot be taught but comes with time and experience. Jerry teaches that in Natural Horsemanship one must develop the patience to discipline without anger.

At the Jerry Gardner Training Stables 3 components are needed to be a successful rider:
  A Horse.
  A "Want to Learn" Attitude.   
  A Desire to Have Fun.

Many of Jerry's clients gather on weekends for a relaxing trail ride through Griffith Park or occasionally go team penning or attend horsemanship clinics given by other horse professionals. Jerry believes in exposing horses and owners to new and different challenges.

Horses are constant teachers and willing students make the best riders.


Jerry Gardner Training Stables   •  At the Los Angeles Equestrian Center - Barn B
480 Riverside Drive,  Burbank,  California,  91506  
 •  Telephone: (323) 253-0945